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Food Intolerance Testing

You can book a Food Intolerance Test here

What is Food Intolerance?

Food Intolerance is a result of an inability of the digestive system to properly digest certain foods. These undigested foods lead to an accumulation of harmful toxins in the bloodstream which are challenged by the immune system, and removed from the body. Constant challenging of the immune system causes it to over-react to innocuous triggers such as dust, pollen and paint fumes etc. The antibody that is responsible for this food intolerance reaction is the IgG antibody. This antibody causes a delayed reaction to the offending food item; this reaction occurring hours or days after consumption. It must be noted that food intolerances are different to food allergies. A food allergy is a result of the antibody IgE which reacts to food immediately after ingestion.

Why Test for Food Intolerance?

Continuous challenging of the immune system can eventually lead to conditions such as:


Sinusitis Hayfever
IBS Asthma
Skin Problems Arthritis
Acne Indigestion
PMT Tiredness      
What We Offer to You?

A trained member of staff will obtain a few finger prick drops of blood in the privacy of our consultation room. The sample is sent to the Fitzwilliam Food Test Clinic who analyse the sample for IgG levels.

Once we receive the results we arrange a consultation with you to explain the outcome of the test and indicate what actions, if any, are required to improve your health.

We offer two options both of which require the same finger prick sample of blood:

  • 60 food test: sample analysed for intolerance to 60 different foods.
  • 93 food test: sample analysed for intolerance to 93 different foods.