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FREE Diabetes Test

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes occurs when the body is unable to remove sufficient amounts of glucose from the blood. Insulin is produced in the pancreas and normally removes glucose from the blood by stimulating an uptake of glucose by various cells in the body. Reduced amount of insulin production or reduced sensitivity of cells to insulin result in excess glucose in the bloodstream.

Why Measure Glucose Levels in the Body?

Diabetes dramatically increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Excess glucose in the blood stream can also lead to damage to blood capillaries supplying nerve cells eventually leading to nerve damage (neuropathy). In a similar manner, damage to blood vessels in the kidneys can lead to damage (nephropathy) and, over time, kidney failure. Other complications include damage to the eyes (retinopathy), foot ulcers and risk of infections.

How We Perform Diabetes Screening

A trained member of staff will perform a glucose test using a finger prick sample of blood. The result is obtained within 1-2 minutes and the pharmacist will provide all relevant advice and guidance depending on the outcome of the test.  The following video shows how a glucose test is performed.

  Lucan Village Pharmacy Diabetes Test Video


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