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You need to trust your Pharmacy…



Lucan Pharmacy is a registered retail pharmacy business.

Under the Pharmacy Act 2007, every Irish pharmacy must be registered as a retail pharmacy business in the register kept by the Pharmacy Regulator (Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland). The PSI contact details are as follows: 

PSI House,
Fenian Street,
Dublin 2

Phone: +353 1 2184000
Fax: +353 1 2837678


This register is published online and is accessible here. Our registration number is 6137.

We are also a member of the Irish Pharmacy Union (IPU), the professional representative body for community pharmacists in Ireland. The IPU works to support pharmacists in delivering the best possible service to their patients and customers. To find out more about the IPU click here.

We work with the HSE (Health Service Executive) to provide information and advice to our patients, as well as dispense medication under various government schemes. For more information on the primary care service provided by pharmacies under these schemes, click here.

At Lucan Pharmacy you can be satisfied that you are talking to real people, supplying genuine products to meet all your healthcare needs.


Safe and Secure

The security of your money and personal data is of paramount importance to us.  At Lucan Pharmacy, we go the extra mile to ensure that your shopping experience is 100% safe. Find out how we do this here.


Legal Stuff

There are a number of legal documents important to Lucan Pharmacy and how we operate. We have assembled all these documents in one place for your convenience. Click here to consult any of our policies. 


Traceable Genuine Products

At Lucan Pharmacy, we guarantee that you are getting genuine, high quality products.

Our wholesalers are regulated by the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) and must hold a Wholesale Distribution Authorisation.

The Health Products Regulatory Authority is responsible for the regulation of Pharmaceutical wholesalers and distributors in Ireland.

With certain exceptions, it is compulsory for those involved in the procurement, holding, supply or export of medicinal products in Ireland to hold a Wholesale Dealers Authorisation.

In order to receive an authorisation to wholesale medicinal products, a prospective authorisation/licence holder must demonstrate compliance with the standard of Good Distribution Practice (GDP). Compliance with these standards is determined by the HPRA through regular site inspections.

These stringent standards eliminate the risk of receiving counterfeit goods.

For more information on the HPRA and their role in regulating medicines and medical devices, you can visit their website here.


...Trust is built with consistency