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Asthma Action Plan

Your Asthma Action Plan

An asthma action plan is sometimes called an asthma management plan. It is written for an individual person and provides a written record of all your prescribed asthma medications.  The asthma action plan explains in simple point form which medications to use at which dosage during periods when :

  • your asthma is well controlled
  • there is a deterioration in your asthma as symptoms increase
  • you experience an acute asthma attack

Our pharmacists are able to help you form an asthma action plan for yourself or your child (see also childhood asthma).

From time to time we run asthma information days - please ask instore if you would like to be informed of these, or follow us on facebook.

Useful Links

The Asthma Society of Ireland provides more useful information on asthma in both adults and children and can be accessed via

Asthma Attack Video

The following video describes what happens during an asthma attack. It shows the importance of knowing what to do during an attack.

We have assembled more videos on asthma on the Lucan Pharmacy Youtube channel.