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Smoking Cessation

Why Quit Smoking?

Quitting smoking is a difficult but rewarding process. HSE statistics show that 1 in every 2 smokers will die of tobacco related disease. Some health problems associated with cigarette smoking include heart attacks, strokes, emphysema and bronchitis. Cigarette smoke contains over 19 known carcinogens and is a main cause of several different cancers. Passive smoking, also known as second hand smoke, can also lead to serious health problems.

There are numerous benefits of quitting smoking including lowering of high blood pressure, decreased levels of carbon monoxide in the blood, improved circulation and breathing, younger looking skin, whiter teeth as well as improved fertility.

Smokers become addicted to nicotine, a drug found naturally in tobacco. Quitting smoking requires willpower and often it can take several attempts. Nicotine withdrawal symptoms may include feeling irritable, angry or anxious, tobacco craving and feeling hungrier than usual.


How Can We Help?

We offer a range of NICORETTE®, Nicotinell and NiQuitin products to support you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle, whether you are cutting down or quitting completely. These nicotine replacement therapy products are available in different forms, flavours and strengths to help you find a product that best suits you and your needs. Nicotine replacement therapy products provide the body with nicotine by means other than tobacco. It is a way to decrease the withdrawal symptoms triggered by stopping smoking.

NICORETTE® Gum delivers a controlled amount of nicotine into the body, enough to control the craving but not as much as a cigarette. This product is available in different flavours – Original, Freshmint and Icy White and pack sizes of 30 and 105 pieces. The 2mg strength gum is suitable for smokers of less than 20 cigarettes a day; a stronger 4mg version is available and is better suited to smokers who are used to smoking more than 20 cigarettes daily.

NICORETTE® 15mg Inhaler replaces the hand-to-mouth action of a cigarette. It has been designed to replace the nicotine you would normally get from a cigarette in a way that mimics the act of smoking. By relieving your nicotine cravings and keeping your hands busy, this product may be what you need to help you quit smoking for good.

NICORETTE® 15mg Invisipatch tackles nicotine dependence in an easy low – maintenance way. This patch can be applied to the chest, upper arm or hip and provides a controlled dose of nicotine to tackle cravings for 16 hours. This product has been designed to be as discreet as possible.