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We are delighted to offer to you our ScriptManager service. ScriptManager is a free service.
ScriptManager is all about giving you more options.  For example with ScriptManager we can have your prescription ready and waiting for you to collect at a time of your choosing. If you want to know more about generic drugs you can have your medicines reviewed and explained to you by a member of the dispensary team.

Download ScriptManager

You can download the ScriptManager form here. You can fill in the form and drop it in to us, or you can scan it and email it to, or you can fax it to (01) 6100897 or post it to us.

What Is ScriptManager

You can choose your ScriptManger to suit your needs. The benefits of ScriptManager is that you get to choose what services you want. ScriptManager combines existing services with new services to give you a range of options to design your personal ScriptManager.  The services you can choose from are as follows:

►Advanced Prescription Preparation

Tired of waiting for your prescription to be filled? This service means that we will contact you by text, or phone call or email (your choice) to let you know that your repeat prescription is ready for collection. We will have your repeat prescription ready for collection before you have finished your current prescription.

►GP Prescription Collection Service

We will collect your repeat prescription from your Doctors surgery and have your medication ready for you to pick up from Lucan Village Pharmacy at a time convenient for you. This service applies to certain prescription types only. (Doctor's consent is required.)

►Tablet Organiser

Do you take 3 or more tablets in a day? Do you take your tablets at different times of the day? Do you sometimes forget to take your tablets? You can avail of our free tablet organiser that contains your tablets.  The tablet organiser will have descriptions of your tablets.  We will fill the tablet organiser with your prescription tablets giving you the peace of mind of knowing what tablets to take and when to take them. This service is sometimes known as blister packing of medication.

►Medication Usage Review

This service helps you better understand your medicines. Our pharmacists will explain to you or your carer exactly what your medicines are for and how you should correctly take the medicines in order to get the best possible results. Our pharmacists will also identify and explain possible side effects you may be experiencing from your prescribed drugs.

►Emergency Dispensing Assistance

If you have your repeat prescription on file with us and you are short by a day or two, our pharmacist will help to ensure no break in your course of treatment where deemed necessary. We are able to provide this service as we are open seven days a week.

►Chronic Illness Care

We can help you manage your chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease with our services such as blood pressure monitoring, cholesterol testing and blood sugar monitoring. We have a 24 hour blood pressure monitoring service that you may use if required.