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Multivitamins for Men

Men can benefit from incorporating vitamin supplements into their diet.  In Lucan Village Pharmacy we recommend two ranges of multivitamins that have been designed for men, Pharmaton Capsules multivitamin and Vitabiotics Wellman multivitamin.  Please come in store to discuss your vitamin needs with our friendly and professionally trained staff.

High Cholesterol

Men who have high cholesterol should consider increasing plant sterols in their diets. We recommend the Bakol Fort and Zerochol ranges for their high levels of plant sterols which can help to reduce harmful cholesterol levels.

Heart Disease

Males who suffer from heart disease can benefit from increasing the levels of vitamin C and B vitamins in their diets.  We recommend the Berrocca and Revive ranges for vitamin B and C supplements.  Essential fatty acids are very important in fighting cardiovascular disease.  We suggest you consider the MorEPA and Eskimo ranges for boosting essential fatty acids in your diet. Come in-store to discuss the differences between the ranges and which may benefit you.

Wound Healing

Supplements can boost your body when it is undergoing wound healing or joint care.  High doses of vitamin C and B vitamins are especially important in wound healing.  We recommend Rubex and Kelkin products for boosting your intake of vitamin C.  We suggest Sona Vitamin B Complex and Kelkin Vitamin B Complex for increasing levels of B vitamins in your diet.  Boosting your intake of essential fatty acids (MorEPA and Eskimo Ranges) also helps with wound healing.

Sports Injury

Glucosamine and Chondroitin play an important role in sports injury recovery.  We recommend Pharma Nord's JointCare to help boost your levels of Glucosamine and Chondroitin.

Eye Health and Macular Degeneration

If you are concerned about eye health or macular degeneration then we recommend that you consider adding a supplement such as MacuShield or Occuvite to your diet.


In our modern society, with the continuous challenges we experience through work, family and lifestyle, an ability to manage stress is of great importance to our overall health.

Stress results in an increase in metabolism which in turn rapidly diminishes our nutrient stores. Replacing vital stress nutrients can help us deal with the day-to-day stresses of life.

Sona's B-Complex and Pharma Nords's Q10 may be beneficial in helping replace these lost nutrients and combat the effects of stress on our overall health.  


Men who are suffering from fatigue and tiredness can benefit from adding a Pharmaton multivitamin or Vitabiotics Wellman multivitamin to their diet.

Weight Loss

We can help with weight loss with our weight loss programme. Supplements may help you to lose weight.  We suggest that you consider a supplement such as Pharma Nord's CLA Booster in association with a weight loss program. We have found that people who are trying to lose weight can suffer from sugar cravings.  Sona's chromium supplement can be helpful in reducing these cravings.

Active Males

Males can require different supplements at different stages in their life.  Active males can benefit from the additional levels of the following supplements: 

Fertility Supplements for Men

The following supplements are important for healthy sperm production and fertility: